These give you a brief explanation of what is included with each of the following choices.  We will gladly send you prices for any selections you might choose.  We do not include them on the website because you are only charged for individual services you select.  The choices are left up to you as a family.

Truly, it’s all up to you and your family to choose how you say goodbye to your loved one; there is no right or wrong way. Your choices are to fit your family needs for saying goodbye, appreciating the life that was lived, and finding solace. ~ Sean Bannon

Traditional funeral services present your loved one in a casket. This allows for viewing, visitation, and a funeral with your loved ones. This is followed by a traditional burial or cremation.  The choice is yours to do ask much or as little as you would like.

Cremation with memorial service combines the benefits and opportunity of a visitaion and memorial service with or without the cremains present, whichever you’d prefer.

Simple cremation is a service where we take your loved one into our care and we cremate them and return the cremains to you.

Immediate burial is a service some choose for their loved one. We will take your loved one into our care and bury them peacefully without a traditional service.

Embalming is an ancient process that can be traced back to the Egyptians. Though it has been modernized,  it still serves the same purpose. It is for the temporary preservation and disinfection of a decedent.

Through a process of intense flame, heat, and vaporization, the deceased is reduced to thin, brittle skeletal remains. These are taken from the retort and placed into a pulverize which further reduces them to smaller particles known as cremains.

We provide a range of value-added services for your personal taste and desires for remembrance of your loved one.

  • Laminated obituaries with a color photo of your family member at no charge for immediate family members.
  • Photos of standing sprays, cut arrangements, and casket spray with numbers on the cards which accompany and match the photos printed in your register book. This is to assist in writing acknowledgments cards.
  • Personalized acknowledgment cards.
  • Custom memorial folders.
  • Home equipment to include: chairs, register book, register stand, door spray, road signs, chests of ice, coffee urn,  plates, cups, and napkins.